2019 Event Schedule

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Day 1: Day of the Pajama Jam!


May 17th, 2019

Gates Open:

Noon - Midnight

Theme of the Night: "Welcome home, make yourself comfortable. Pajamas and onesies encouraged!"

Speaker: Pioneer Pete Presens: Weed Nation

Music Schedule: 3-4:30pm Blue Lotus

                          5-6:30pm Moves Collective

                          7-8:30pm The Quick and Easy Boys

                          9-10:30pm Jelly Bread

                          11-1am Kyle Gass Band

Oberon's Stage Performer: Collin and Company Condensed Party

Workshop Schedule: TBA

Flea Market Hours: TBA

Day 2: Day of the Disco Jam!


May 18th, 2019

Gates Open:

10 AM - Midnight

Theme of the Night: "Space disco party. If you can't dance, wiggle!"

Speaker: T. Poe Varnado: The Slam Master

Music Schedule: 1-2:30pm Kinda Bossajova

                          3-4:30pm Apple Jam Play-in Contest Winner: The Shaky Harlots

                          5-6:30pm Leadbetter Band

                          7-8:30pm The T Club

                          9-10:30pm World's Finest

                          11-1am Scott Pemberton Band

Oberon's Stage Performer: The Rogue Underground

Workshop Schedule: TBA

Flea Market Hours: TBA

Day 3: Day of the Fam Jam!


May 19th, 2019

Gates Open:

10 A.M. - 6 P.M.

Theme of the Day: "Tye die time. Jam out with your fam out!"

Speaker: Rogue Climate (donation recipient)

Open Mic Schedule: TBA

Fam Jam Hosted By: TBA

Workshop Schedule: TBA

Flea Market Hours: TBA